The course begins!

Green Entrepreneurship for sustainable development

The online video course begins on April 1, 2014! Over the course of three months the 80 participating students from Bulgaria and Norway will take part in an interactive educational series of lectures prepared by the Junior Achievement team with the help of external sustainability experts. Apart from instructional videos, the course will feature lots of other additional reading material and most importantly - teamwork assignments. Students will be encouraged to work in international teams. There will also be a discussion board where everyone will be invited to share their views on the videos and materials they have read. To complement the learning experience, quizzes will be posted every two weeks to check the participants' basic understanding of the subject matter. As a final assignment, students will have to develop their own green business idea and present it to the course instructors.

For participants who would like to get involved in the one-week Eco Camp in Bulgaria in October 2014 it will be very important to contribute actively to the discussions and show involvement and high motivation to learn more about sustainable development and green business. This will be a leading criterion when selecting the 40 participants for the Eco Camp (24 from Bulgaria and 16 from Norway).

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