Approved Candidates

The list of approved candidates for the online course “Green Entrepreneurship for Sustainable Development” is now available

The Junior Achievement Bulgaria team has the pleasure to announce the selected candidates from Bulgaria for the online educational course in “Green Entrepreneurship for Sustainable Development” – you can find them in the attached list. We would like to apologize to everyone who waited impatiently for the results yesterday, but the selection process turned out to take more time than planned. Each candidate has been evaluated by three independent reviewers on the basis of 6 criteria: English language fluency demonstrated by the question answers; relevance of the presented documents (certificates, recommendations) for English language fluency; personal motivation; expressed opinions and ideas which demonstrate the candidate’s willingness to participate actively in the course; personal interest in the topic of sustainable development; description of the personal expectations from the course and contribution with suggestions for topics and lecturers.

We have approved 3 candidates above the planned number of 50, because the scores of the last 5 candidates were identical.

All selected students will receive e-mails with information how to access the platform with the video lectures and everything else!

We are extremely grateful to all applicants for the faith they brought us with their motivation and attitude that there is a chance for future generations and planet Earth, because a new generation is growing up today that has the consciousness that it has to care for those who come after it!

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