about the initiative

About the initiative

“Green Entrepreneurship for Sustainable Development” is a project that Junior Achievement Bulgaria developed in partnership with Young Enterprise Sogn og Fjordane, Norway, to give students in high schools the opportunity to learn more about how business can be sustainable, as well as to try out in practice to start a green business.

One of the most important parts of the project is the online course in green business, which begins on April 1, 2014 and will continue until June 30, 2014. The course will run in the form of a series of short video lectures, combined with additional reading materials from websites and other sources, quizzes and essay questions. The participating students will be encouraged to work in teams on various tasks, as well as to discuss and post comments on the videos they have watched. Our goal is to present the concepts in the most interactive way possible and to encourage students to share their viewpoints and learn from each other. Several carefully selected guest lecturers will complement the theoretical material bringing in their own practical experience. The major topics to be discussed during the course will include: definition of sustainable development, what does planetary boundaries mean, the role of business in sustainability, can every business be green, what is greenwashing, circular economy, blue economy, Cradle2Cradle design, great green business ideas from around the world, corporate social responsibility, the triple bottom line, social entrepreneurship and social innovation. During the length of the whole course, students will work on and constantly develop their own idea for a green business and will present it in the end as their final assignment.

Another crucial element of the project is the Eco Camp, which will be held in October 2014 in a mountainous location in Bulgaria. The 24 best performing students from Bulgaria and the 16 best performing students from Norway will be invited to take part in it, based on their active contribution and engagement in the online video course. The idea of the Eco Camp is practical application of everything the students have learned during the online course. It will be a fun one-week event filled with team-building activities, tree-planting, visits to bio factories and other green businesses, multicultural games and experiences, and an innovation camp. The innovation camp will challenge the students to work in international teams and come up with a green business idea to solve a particular problem. The top three teams will receive continued support from Junior Achievement’s team with access to mentors and funding mechanisms if they wish to further develop their winning idea as a functioning business.

We are greatly encouraged by all submissions we received for the online course. It is now clear that a new generation of people is growing up that does not take the well-being of the planet as a granted and is deeply concerned about what kind of environment it will leave to the future generations. We now truly believe that you have the potential to become the leaders of the green business of tomorrow who will change the way the world makes business. We have a vision that every business started in the future has the care for the planet, the environment and the biodiversity at its core. This is the only way our society can prosper in the long run.

The project “Green Entrepreneurship for sustainable development” is financed within the NGO Programme in Bulgaria under the Financial Mechanism of the European Economic Area 2009-2014.


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